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[012] Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
[011] The Silence Of The Lambs
[010] Sean Lennon
[009] Lyn-Z
[001] Steve Right?
[001] Katy Perry
[016] Jamia Nestor
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[001] Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story


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John Sebastian at Woodstock

New icons!


(4) Andy Warhol
(1) George Harrison
(2) John Lennon
(3) The Monkees
(6) Paul McCartney
(1) Paul McCartney lyrics
(2) Ringo Starr
(7) Sean Lennon
(7) Sean Lennon lyrics

+ Credit me if you use any of my icons
+ Comment and let me know which one(s) you are taking
+ Do not claim my icons as your own.

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Hello everyone! I am so sorry to bug you all like this, but...would anyone be willing to upload Part One of the Cowboy Trilogy from Into The Sun for me? It's the only song of that album that I cannot find...

Thank you all so much! Much love!

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Hey guys! :D

[ Just dropping a line to invite you all to join...


...the first Livejournal community dedicated to Dhani Harrison & Sean Lennon! ]

[ If you love either one of these boys, or both (a Seanhi)
you are free to discuss them and/or stalk them with us.
Just kid. But really...every LJ fandom community is kind of stalk-ish =]
So check us out!
And if you are interested, go right ahead and take the journey.
Or affiliate?
We'd love to have you! <3 ]


I was wondering, since I have tickets, if any of you lovely people are going to see Sean in Detroit. I have this paranoia that my best friend and I are going to be the only ones that'll be there since Michigan doesn't seem to me like a Sean loving place, but I would like to be proven wrong by seeing a lot of people show up at the concert.
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Hello everyone! My name is Krystel, and I'm a newbie to the Sean Lennon fandom...but an obsessed newbie. Friendly Fire is about all that I listen to right now...and I just can't get enough of Sean.

But, I've got to ask: does anyone here have the trailer (preferrably in a non .mov file...I'm having troubles with that type of file) for Friendly Fire that they'd be willing to upload for me? I would like to make some icons from it, especially the scene close to the end where the blue, green, and red lights alternate in that room with the TV.

I look forward to talking to you all!
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Sean Lennon: Star Wars Memories

On starwars.com, I interview musician Sean Lennon about his favorite Star Wars childhood collectibles and why the films will always be special to him.

Sean Lennon was so affected by seeing The Empire Strikes Back that he couldn't help but test his Jedi powers as a child. "I used to stare at my mom's station wagon for hours on end trying to levitate it with my mind," the singer/songwriter laughs. "It took me some time to stop believing in the Force literally. In fact, I'm not sure I've really stopped. I just don't try to levitate things with my mind anymore. Well, not that often anyway."

Of the six films in the saga, The Empire Strikes Back remains Lennon's all-time favorite. "The scene where Yoda describes the Force to Luke is the closest thing I can remember to a religious experience in my childhood," Lennon says. "Star Wars is more than a series of films to me, it is the mythology of a generation. It is the Iliad, The Odyssey, The Bible, Hamlet, Ulysses, and all the other hero myths the world has ever produced. Joseph Campbell says it best in his book and interview series with Bill Moyers -- The Power of Myth -- that the Star Wars story is a timeless hero's journey that has been told and reinterpreted by countless generations in order to communicate important ideas about what it takes to be a human being."

"My favorite scene by far is Luke and Yoda in Dagobah," Lennon says. "Isn't that everyone's? Yoda demonstrates the nature of the Force, passing on his ancient wisdom. Then Luke must deal with his second mentor's death. Now he has lost his parents, Obi-Wan and Yoda. He knows the meaning of life and is ready to face his destiny. And I suppose I identify with Luke too because of the whole having lost his father."

Sean Lennon: Star Wars Memories